The Girl Effect

I consider girls are the source of every evil and every good in society. Ok, not really, but I do think the relationships we set up with those around us, and the things around us, make all the difference. They actually help define society. It’s all in relationships.

This short video not only shows how a chain of events and the relation between one person and her environment can change our world for the better. But it works if we all get in on it.

Also note the playful use of motion, music and typography to tell a story.



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YacoYaco is more an experiment and as such it has not been updated as often as I would like, but it has provided a testing ground for the sort of posts I may write.

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Rolex Learning Center, by SANAA

One of my favorite aspects of the Rolex Learning Center, designed by architecture firm SANAA, is that it shows a strong combination of aesthetics, function at work geared towards learning within a social and active environment.

SANAA, headed by Japanese duo of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, seem to have crafted aesthetics using social interaction, individual relationship with the building and organic human movements.

To sum it up, the design of the building encourages:

  • peer-to-peer interaction to ease a dynamic social learning environment
  • student comfort within a space they are likely to spend large amounts of time in
  • and both acknowledges and influences human’s nonlinear navigation of space.

SANAA has recently won the Pritzker Prize, awarded to living architects whose abilities and execution have much contributed to humanity and the built environment through architecture.

via Designcollector


This short film by H5 / Francois Alaux, Hervé de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain won the Oscar for Best Short film (Animated), and well deserved it is. The film pays meticulous attention to humor and detail. My friend Andres pointed out how Nike-California breaks away from the US (Because of the San Andres Fault Line), and how the logos that start crashing down are those of major companies with major financial issues, Enron, IBM, KMart….

It is surprising how in the world of logorama every thing or character is a brand logo of some sort. Now the brands are turned into everything around us.

Animation, logo, illustration, 3D, Branding, enthusiasts will surely enjoy this film.

*I Updated the embeded Logorama video, the former one went dead

“Mycelium”, by Ryan Alexander

From artist’s project page:

Hyphae grow into the lighter areas of the image while avoiding their own trails. Branching and growth speed are also functions of the available food (brightness) in the image.

There are variations to this on Ryan Alexander’s flickr. Such variations include making the lines text threads and pieces that are apparently inverted versions of these (the fungus feeding off of black instead of white). His portfolio {here} has some interesting pieces, though most seem like experiments compared to this piece, which is quite stunning.

I always enjoy when complex and elaborate compositions emerge from simple behaviors.

Ars Electronica, Aaron Koblin & Aaron Meyers

Intriguing organic particles. I am guessing the project was made with Processing, as a lot of Koblin’s work in this style is.

From Aaron Koblin‘s website,

Software created … for a perfomance with the Brucknerhaus Orchestra at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria 2008. Orchestra conducted by Dennis Russel Davies.

Sample footage with music from Dopplereffekt – “Hyperelliptic Surfaces.” Photos at Ars Electronica by Julian Bleeker.


Developed by Robert Hodgin (flight404), of the barbarian group, as an iTunes visualizer. Made with Processing.

It amazes me how far Robert keeps pushing processing, physics, and dynamic aesthetics.