Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Girl Effect

I consider girls are the source of every evil and every good in society. Ok, not really, but I do think the relationships we set up with those around us, and the things around us, make all the difference. They actually help define society. It’s all in relationships.

This short video not only shows how a chain of events and the relation between one person and her environment can change our world for the better. But it works if we all get in on it.

Also note the playful use of motion, music and typography to tell a story.



I switched over to the Cutline theme, definitely like it better. I will be using headway for my main blog though, which I will begin to set up in a week or so. It will feature much more content and posts on Illustration, design, interaction design and digital/electronic arts.

YacoYaco is more an experiment and as such it has not been updated as often as I would like, but it has provided a testing ground for the sort of posts I may write.

’til later,