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“Mycelium”, by Ryan Alexander

From artist’s project page:

Hyphae grow into the lighter areas of the image while avoiding their own trails. Branching and growth speed are also functions of the available food (brightness) in the image.

There are variations to this on Ryan Alexander’s flickr. Such variations include making the lines text threads and pieces that are apparently inverted versions of these (the fungus feeding off of black instead of white). His portfolio {here} has some interesting pieces, though most seem like experiments compared to this piece, which is quite stunning.

I always enjoy when complex and elaborate compositions emerge from simple behaviors.


Ars Electronica, Aaron Koblin & Aaron Meyers

Intriguing organic particles. I am guessing the project was made with Processing, as a lot of Koblin’s work in this style is.

From Aaron Koblin‘s website,

Software created … for a perfomance with the Brucknerhaus Orchestra at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria 2008. Orchestra conducted by Dennis Russel Davies.

Sample footage with music from Dopplereffekt – “Hyperelliptic Surfaces.” Photos at Ars Electronica by Julian Bleeker.


Developed by Robert Hodgin (flight404), of the barbarian group, as an iTunes visualizer. Made with Processing.

It amazes me how far Robert keeps pushing processing, physics, and dynamic aesthetics.