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I switched over to the Cutline theme, definitely like it better. I will be using headway for my main blog though, which I will begin to set up in a week or so. It will feature much more content and posts on Illustration, design, interaction design and digital/electronic arts.

YacoYaco is more an experiment and as such it has not been updated as often as I would like, but it has provided a testing ground for the sort of posts I may write.

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“Mycelium”, by Ryan Alexander

From artist’s project page:

Hyphae grow into the lighter areas of the image while avoiding their own trails. Branching and growth speed are also functions of the available food (brightness) in the image.

There are variations to this on Ryan Alexander’s flickr. Such variations include making the lines text threads and pieces that are apparently inverted versions of these (the fungus feeding off of black instead of white). His portfolio {here} has some interesting pieces, though most seem like experiments compared to this piece, which is quite stunning.

I always enjoy when complex and elaborate compositions emerge from simple behaviors.

Call for entries : The Haiti Poster Project

Very attractive social project with design being oriented towards a charitable action. You can participate here. Deadline is March 15th.

“A collaboration of artists and designers from around the world, benefitting victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT seeks limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from around the world. The donated posters will be sold online to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. As designers, we have the collective ability to do what we love, AND to create a difference…”

Their goal is to raise $1,000,000 for Doctors Without Borders. DWB is an international medical humanitarian association providing aid in nearly 60 countries with a threat to survival for natural, political or other reason. You can learn more Doctors Without Borders in their webpage.

If you have any work, just send them numbered and signed to The Haiti Poster Project (sadly, the organizers of the project will not be providing a printing service, so printed originals only in series of 25-100).